TANA - From Waste to Value

    Our value proposition crystallizes our main objective: to help our customers to make more money. For making the most out of the opportunities we offer you information management tools for optimising your business and robust engineering to guarantee that your TANA products will churn out the maximum profit day in, day out.

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    Faster tire shredding process, higher quality and less expenses

    Rubber waste originated from car and truck tyres is almost equal in heat value as gasoil and even 25% more effective than coal. There are extremely high quality requirements for the rubber waste used in the burning process at power plants.

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    Peek into the future of solid waste treatment

    Tana is a forerunner in providing solutions for the evolving needs in the field of solid waste management. Our main objective is to develop intelligent machines and services to meet and exceed our customers expectations. This site is where we share our expertise and insights about upcoming developments. If you wish to have your finger on the pulse, stay tuned!

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    Agile chipper producing high quality wood chips

    TANA BioChipper produces a high capacity of homogeneous wood chips. The key to productivity is not just the true and proven chipper unit but the state-of-the-art control and reporting system. In the forest surroundings it can easily be adjusted to optimal working position.

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    10% compaction guarantee

    We guarantee a minimum 10% increase in your compaction with TANA E Series Landfill Compactors.

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