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Tana's history goes back to the early seventies when a young entrepreneur and inventor had come up with a sort of a landfill compactor built around an ordinary tractor and equipped with rubber-wheels. The first real landfill compactor with two full-width iron drums was manufactured for an exhibition in Hanover, Germany, in 1971. The unit was sold and delivered to a German customer and so Tana's first step towards becoming a global waste management business was taken. 1971 is considered to be the year of birth of the company.

R 1030 iso

The landfill compactor was continuously developed. New series kept coming, one after another: T Series, C Series, F Series. The picture above shows a TANA 27C with its proud owners in Spain in the late eighties. Over the years the company name was changed from Tana-Jyrä Ltd. to Kone-Jyrä Ltd. and finally to Oy Tanacorp Ltd. In 1995, the present owner of the company became involved in the business.

That was the start of a complete turnaround in the company and the principle of continuous improvement was adopted. All products except for landfill compactors were given up, the organization and operations of the business were streamlined, new markets were entered into and customer experiences and feedback was gathered and carefully listened to in order to create even better landfill compactors. Product development was carried out in close cooperation with Norwegian customers, the distributor Magne Gitmark & Co. A/S, with whom we still co-operate with today. Eventually, the TANA G Series was born. The business grew steadily the following year, experiencing an annual 15-30% increase in sales volume and profitability.

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In 2003 the company, which was named Tana Oy at the time, decided to take another leap forward. Market demands, especially in the EU area, were changing. Instead of just disposing waste in landfills, the recycling and reuse of waste materials and converting waste to energy were creating new business opportunities. Tana Oy did not want to miss out on these opportunities and started by developing a slow speed shredder. The first industrial Series S5430 and S6330 was launched to the European market in early 2006.

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The initial phase went better than expected even though we faced the inevitable challenges whenever new machinery is introduced. In 2008 the new generation of slow speed shredders was launched, including two basic models (220 and 440), with a variety of platforms and with the option of being powered by a diesel engine or electric motor.

Despite the excitement of launching a new product, landfill compactors continued to be Tana's main product. The G Series underwent a facelift into Gx Series and new markets in Africa, Eastern Europe and Latin America were entered into. Operations were streamlined once again, so as to ensure optimum service, security and quality for our customers all over the world. Today Tana is prepared for the future better than ever before.



The E Series landfill compactor range was introduced in 2012. The appearance of the machine on very contemporary and the performance of the modular structured machine combined with highly innovative machine-intelligence makes the machine stand out from its competitors.

TANA Shark waste shredders are now available in a third generation outcome and they are gaining foothold wherever versatile and reliable shredding machinery is required.

The latest launched product line is the TANA TE mobile disc screen as hooklift and tracked versions, offering the most versatile screening technology in the market.

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Tana has successfully operated and won market share in an industry where the most significant competitors are huge, multinational corporations which are tens, even hundreds of times the size of Tana. Unique, reliable, high quality products are part of the reason for this, but above all the respect that we show towards our customers, not only in sales and product support but also in our research and development work, contributes to our success. Moreover, our carefully selected distributor network around the world ensures that we can maintain market share despite our small size.