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> May 2016

  • Video: TANA Smart Site
  • News: See the smartest recycling machinery at IFAT

> April 2016

  • Video: TANA Shark Smart Shredder features
  • Customer Success Story: Shredding hard plastics brings new business
  • News: Smart Site offers key information to business owners and managers
  • News: Tana brings the smartest recycling machinery to IFAT

> March 2016

  • Video: TANA Smart Site helps business owners analyze and streamline their process
  • News: Tana brings intelligence in waste management to IFAT
  • News: Service Center helps reduce customer downtime
  • News: Experience the new TANA 6D Smart Drum Screen

> February 2016

  • Customer Success story: Reduce costs while achieving an excellent compaction rate
  • Video: Tana E Series Compactors bring cost savings to landfills
  • News: Speedy delivery helps Kilis municipality handle the increased waste of a doubled population
  • News: Moviter: the new Tana distributor for Portugal

> January 2016

  • Customer Success story: Turn landfilling cost of ragger wire to profit with TANA Shark
  • Video: Tana Shark separates steel while shredding ragger wire
  • News: Unique rental model provides versatility for recycling businesses in Europe
  • News: EMSA Maquinaria y Proyectos: the new Tana distributor for Spain

> December 2015

  • Tana Blog: I need to buy a waste shredder: what kind should I choose?
  • Video: Shredding Railway sleepers with TANA Shark
  • Report: Recycling 2015 in Gorinchem, Holland
  • TANA E520 Compactor gained 15 % better compaction rate in Belvedere, Italy
  • News: Smart TANA Landfill Compactor impresses in Poland

> November 2015

  • Customer Success Story: Double the amount and resale price of the reusable steel from tyres with TANA Shark
  • Tana Blog: Using a track-type tractor (bulldozer) as a compactor
  • Tana's guarantee: A minimum of 10 % better compaction
  • Customer Seminar: recycling businesses are expected to rise in Slovakia

> October 2015

  • New TANA Drum Screen released in RWM
  • CEO of Tana, Kari Kangas: Data-driven waste management business with TANA Smart Site

> August 2015

  • Unveiling the TANA 6D drum screen in the UK
  • Track your process: TANA Smart Site
  • Video: End-of-life tyres shredded into 80mm particle size in one pass
  • Shredding scrap tyres reduces transportation costs by 75%
  • Adjust the particle size of the shredding process

> July 2015

  • Video: Main features of the TANA Shark
  • Tyre derived aggregate (TDA) is the future solution to lightweight foundations
  • New general brochure of TANA Shark is here

> June 2015

  • Coming soon: TANA 6D Drum Screen
  • Track your process with TANA Smart Site
  • Tana Dealer Meeting 2015 gathered distributors to Finland

> June 2015

  • Video: Shredding carpets with TANA Shark 440DT
  • Diverting waste from landfills with TANA Shark: Tandara Recycling, Australia
  • Another TANA E520 landfill compactor delivered in Canada

> May 2015

  • Video: New 2015 compaction test with TANA E520 vs. BOMAG BC 1172-RB
  • TANA Compactor achieves 15% better compaction with 12% less fuel than Bomag
  • Interested in pushing power? Watch this: TANA E520 and Bomag BC 1172

> April 2015

  • Video: TANA E Series Landfill Compactor: unique features for better compaction
  • The City of Stephenville, Texas, aims at extending landfill life time with a TANA compactor
  • TANA Blog: Tyre waste shreds are environmental friendly choice for purifying waste water

> April 2015

  • Video: Two TANA Sharks producing RDF at 50mm particle size in one pass
  • New possibilities in recycling end-of-life tyres
  • Smart Equipment: the new Tana distributor for Benelux countries and France

> March 2015

  • Video: Shredding railway sleepers to 50-350 mm particle sizes
  • Fulfilling the requirement of shredding multiple waste types: Mick George Ltd found a solution from TANA Shark
  • Results from Australia: Forest Road landfill life extended +50% with TANA E520 compactor

> February 2015

  • Video: Ragger wire shredding with an easy and efficient separation of plastics and metal wires
  • Reduce the landfilling of valuable materials
  • Superior compactor helps avoiding unnecessary downtime on landfill equipment

> January 2015

  • Video: Scrap tyres shredded into 80mm particle size in one pass with TANA Shark 440
  • Shredding scrap tyres reduces transportation costs by 75%
  • Don't miss this LinkedIn post: one shredder, multiple uses (David Banks, Warwick Ward)
  • Tana Comics: The Toughest Shredder Competition

> January 2015

  • Video: Shredding mattresses with TANA Shark
  • Optimizing valuable airspace in landfills by shredding mattresses
  • Success Story: TANA E520 extends the life of a landfill by 12-15 years in Canada
  • New: TANA E Series Landfill Compactor brochure with new Eco product line

> December 2014

  • Season's Greetings
  • Looking back at year 2014 - The year of great advancements
  • Sneak peak of what's to come in 2015

> December 2014

  • Video: see how TANA Shark is shredding tyres in 80mm particle size (one pass)
  • Substantial business opportunities in shredding tyres
  • More control - Adjust the particle size in the shredding process
  • Video: removing the rotor screen can be done in just minutes
  • Testing: The new Tier 4 final product lines

> November 2014

  • Chipboard production demands the most homogeneous particle size
  • TANA Shark video: easy access for changing or removing counter-knives saves time
  • We care - TANA Service Center is almost here

> November 2014

  • Less fines improves productivity of waste wood shredding with TANA Shark
  • Waste Advantage Magazine, November 2014: Drastic change in operation efficiency: from 8 to 3 hours per day
  • Optimized machine uptime with TANA ProTrack® and TANA Service Kits

> October 2014

  • Our compaction guarantee: minimum of 10% better compaction
  • Recycling industrial waste - TANA Shark slow-speed shredder increased production in Belgium for 54%
  • Throwback Thursday: TANA 30D from 1988

> October 2014

  • TANA Shark 220 increased RDF production for an amazing 115%
  • Improving landfill compaction operations with TANA ProLoc®

> September 2014

  • First landfill compactor on the market with the new Tier 4 Final engine
  • TANA Shark 440 doubled the SRF production of unsorted industrial waste
  • Your feedback is welcome!

> September 2014

  • More compaction with less work with TANA E520 Landfill Compactor at Canada

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