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Shredding tires is a prosperous business

Posted on July 23, 2012 By Olli Honkamäki

Is your yard filled with piles of end-of-life tires? And are you wondering what to do with them?

Many recycling companies and landfill sites are struggling with used tires. Tires are among the largest and most problematic sources of waste, since because of their shape and large volume they take up a lot of valuable space. However, tires are also one of the most reusable types of waste materials, as the rubber is very resilient and can be re-used in many ways.

TANA Shark 440DT tire shredder

Here are a few ideas on how you could sell your shredded tires

  • Asphalt companies buy large quantities of shredded rubber crumbs to mix with their hot melt asphalt to make pavements cheaper.

  • Shredded tires are perfect for increasing the burning value of refuse-derived fuel (RDF) in incineration plants, as they can really maximize their process by utilizing a rubber mixture.

  • Other road construction companies purchase large quantities of medium-sized shredder tires to use in road beds for minimizing vibration and for highway sound barriers.

  • Pure rubber can also be granulated and used in the foundations of racetracks, playgrounds, and garden beds. It is used in bark mulch to hold in water and to prevent weeds from growing.

  • Tire manufacturers are always looking for recycled tires that can be reused to manufacture new tires.

  • Landfill sites can use shredded tires for leachate lines and to help them build new cells.

  • Steel mills can use shredded tires as a carbon source by replacing the coal or coke during manufacturing.

  • Rubber tires can be used in barriers for collision reduction, erosion control, and rainwater runoff, and to protect piers and marshland from wave action.

How can TANA Shark help you process your waste tires?

Thanks to our niche cutting and shredding technology, many of TANA Shark’s waste shredders are mainly used to shred tires, as our technology allows us to cut tires into small pieces with the lowest possible fuel consumption. We can easily produce pieces of all sizes, from small particles to medium or larger pieces depending on your needs. Different types of screen allow us to modify the equipment in just 10 minutes. When using a TANA Shark you can ask the customer what particle size they require and adjust the shredder settings accordingly on the spot and start the production right away.

Video: TANA Shark producing tire-derived fuel (TDF) for a cement kiln

Watch this video of a TANA Shark producing small particles for a cement kiln and see how this technology helps in maximizing the RDF value.

Interested to know more? Contact a TANA distributor near you!

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Richard Cucino (N.E. Tire Recycling), 11.12.2015 04:32
Hi I would like more information about your tire shredders that remove the metal from the tires
Iidamaria Hokkanen, 11.12.2015 15:34
Thank you for your interest towards our shredder. We will forward your inquiry to the closest Tana specialist to you, who will go deeper to this with you. For that we need to know the country you are based in. Could you, please, send us further information from the "contact us" field on our website?
John Chesnut , 25.03.2016 06:57
This looks just what I need, trying to start a Tire Disposal Buisness, small operation, this Machine looks perfect for what I'm wanting to do. Would like more information on this machine, What it cost & if financing is an option. Look forward to getting some information. Thank You
Protus Mabaso (Siyabonga Projects), 24.04.2016 16:25
I want to start up a tyre recycling business, kindly advice on where to starthe.
Tana Oy, 27.04.2016 15:49
Thank you for your comments, John Chestnut and Protus Mabaso. Our sales team will be in contact with you personally.
Jens Krause (JBK Logistiksysteme GmbH), 02.05.2016 15:41
To whom it may concern

We are actually looking for a technical Partner to chip appr. 50.000 tons of old car tires to Chips of 50 mm x 50 mm to be reused as combustable in the cement industry.

Our Yard is south of London , UK and we would like to ask wether it is possible to rent your Technology on a Long term bases or to create a rental / buy model with you

We would be glad getting your ideas and remain

with our best regards

Jens Krause
vusi mabena (sophulamkhwa pty ltd), 06.05.2016 13:32

I would like to know how to start a tyre recycling business


Vusi mabena
Bradley, 07.05.2016 17:04
Could I please get a R/ton quote and where you pick up points are?

Also do you shred into hoppers for ease of discharge into side tipping trucks?

Bradley Herbert
Tana Oy, 11.05.2016 09:39
Thank you for your comments and questions Jens Krause, Vusi Mabena and Bradley Herbert. Your messages have been forwarded to our sales team and they will contact you individually.
Lenny (hybridlogistics ), 13.05.2016 12:56
I want to start a tyre recycling business and need to know more about your machine and what it cost I am from south africa
Robert Gorkeh Ackah (FIX-A-FLAT GROUP LTD.), 15.05.2016 12:16
Hi, I live Ghana and I am interested in setting up a Tire shredding factory here but I don't know how to go about it.
Mostly my target is on the OTR tyres. I will be happy if you can get me all the information regarding this project.
Tana Oy, 16.05.2016 12:35
Lenny and Robert Gorkeh Ackah, thank you for interest in our machines. Your questions have been forwarded to the person responsible of your area and you will be contacted individually.
Taran (bDQU9vXQG3P), 20.05.2016 11:28
Great ingihst. Relieved I'm on the same side as you.
ADEJI GLORY (adeglo nig limited), 22.05.2016 22:19
Sir,pls I am an entrepreneur who sees opportunity in shredded tyres,pls what's the cost of tana shark 440 plus shipment to Nigeria .pls call 08035003850.Thanks

Erwin Walter Garoeb (INVINCIBLE INVESTMENTS CC), 23.06.2016 17:56
Hi I am living Namibia and are interesting in starting old tyres recycling business here in my country .I need your help by tell me about the machinery and the companies how are buying the recycled materials in the world PLEASE HELP ME
Tom Kelley (IE2 Group), 25.06.2016 17:26
My need is to shred passenger tires down to 1 inch and we intend to process 2,500 tons per day. What is the best equipment to accomplish this objective and at what cost? Can you provide the cost per tire to process.
Sincerely, Tom Kelley
Tana Oy, 27.06.2016 08:51
Dear Mr. Kelley and Mr. Garoeb, than you for your comments and interest towards us and our machinery. Your questions have been forwarded to the person responsible and you will be contacted personally.
Daniel, 30.06.2016 20:16
Would just like to know the price of such a machine. Hope to hear from you soon.
Tana Oy, 04.07.2016 09:36
Dear Daniel, thank you for your interest! Your question has been forwarded to the person responsible of your market and they will contact you soon.
Dear Sir

We are interested TANA Shreader tyre scrap your machine
producing above material please contact Our address are given below.

Mob 0091 9744904029 , 9400511535
Jason John , 07.07.2016 17:10
Greetings to all can you please send me some more information about this article.
Tana Oy, 08.07.2016 09:40
Dear Mr. Mathew and Mr. John, thank you for your comments. Your questions have been forwarded to our sales department. You will be contacted shortly.
Beauty (Self), 10.08.2016 12:46
Im interested in this machinery.Please provide more details, especially pricing. Im in Botswana
Tana Oy, 10.08.2016 15:31
Dear Beauty, thank you for your interest in our machinery. Your request has been forwarded to a person responsible of your area and they should contact you shortly.
William (Self), 27.08.2016 23:04
Good day,

I am interested in your machine and would like to start a new operation. I have a lot of questions and some of them are:

- how much is the machine
- lead time from time of order (is it off shelf)
- What is the minimum area (square metres) required
- Can it be set up indoors/outdoors

Tana Oy, 29.08.2016 09:46
Dear William,

thank you for your interest in our machinery. Your questions have been forwarded to our sales team and they will contact you shortly.
Michael (2 in all), 31.08.2016 17:44

Please advice about a Tyre Recycling business and we need to know more about your machine, cost and the maintenance.
Tana Oy, 01.09.2016 08:33
Dear Michael,

thank you for your comment & interest in our machinery. Your question has been forwarded to our sales team.
Ruvashini Devisingh (Hlanzeka Projects (Pty) Ltd, South Africa), 08.09.2016 22:38
Can you please supply me with information regarding setting up a tyre recycling business.
Tana Oy, 09.09.2016 08:42
Thank you for your question. It has been forwarded to our sales department and they will contact you personally.
Joe (Universal tire recycling ), 08.10.2016 02:38
I have started my tire recycling business I have a shredder but nothing like this. My question is after I get my tires shredded how do I go about selling the product
Stanley (Rakutuka s.k. investment cc), 13.10.2016 15:53
I m interested in this Business of Tire Recycling ,I want to start a project of collecting Waste passenger Car tire and Recycle them to produce 1:Rubber mesh 2:Rubber Flooring products 3:Tire Steel wire 4:Tire Fibre < Please can you Advice me how to Start this Business.
E-mail: skustaa@yahoo.com
teboho maphisa (TeboM Carriers), 14.10.2016 19:37
Im interested in your equipment as im in the process of starting a new tyre recycling business in RSA. Can this is exactly what im looking for. Please help with info
Ben Bernard (Power Edge ), 19.10.2016 16:41
interested to set up the Tyre shedding company,can you please help me with the nitty gritty things for one to set up,even the marketing of the granules products
maxwell (Seiman Strata Ltd ), 10.11.2016 13:10
Dear Sir,
I am interested in setting up a used tyre shreding plant in Nigeria. Please what is the cost of your shredder and can you help in helping me get a buyer as I will like to export the shredded materials.
Thank you
Stefan, 27.11.2016 15:22
Good day

I am interested in your tana shark plant to cut haul truck tures
Jay Smith, 27.11.2016 20:21
I am interested in purchasing a 440DT with wheels for easy transporting to different sites.
clayton scott (318-393-1523), 16.12.2016 09:54
Very interested starting recycling business
Please contact me
Edmond J Speer (Uopia Tire Center), 01.01.2017 08:05
We are interested in expanding to a tire chipping business, several ton per day. We help as to what machine we would need to make the most profetable chip. What prices on machines and delivery time to Southwest Texas. Also if you could help on who would buy the different sizes and the prices they are paying. Thanks Ednond Speer
Obed (Ruflamona Trading Enterprises Cc), 03.01.2017 14:04
Good day
Give me your best price for the machine including shipment to Walvisbay port Namibia. If possible send me a quote.
Tana Oy, 04.01.2017 09:12
Thank you all for your interest towards our shredders and the tire shredding business as a whole and apologies to you all for a delayed reply.

Your enquiries have been forwarded to respective sales representatives and you will be contacted shortly.

Mr. Speer, thank you for your enquiry towards our Tana wood chippers. Unfortunately the chippers are only available in our domestic market in Northern Europe. If you have any further questions about Tana equipment, we're more than happy to help.
Tana Oy, 04.01.2017 09:29
Dear Mr. Obed, thank you for your interest in our machines. Your question has been forwarded to the person responsible for your market who will contact you soon.

Have a great day!
Enrico Otero (n/a), 04.01.2017 22:02
My wife and I recently purchased a property with a lot of tires on it.Some new some used and we were looking for some way to get rid of them. Any advice or idea would be welcome. Our property is in Fort Mill South Carolina. Thank you ,Enrico Otero
Tana Oy, 05.01.2017 08:47
We are happy to hear of your interest in the used tire business Mr. Otero! We have forwarded your message to the person responsible for your area.
MsAl mamun (Al Dar Thameena Al Ahliya Ent LLC ), 12.01.2017 21:25
Hi, I want a shredding machine of 10 ton per hr. Plz let me know the cost. Regards, Dr MD Al Mamun. Mob no 00968 94472230 Oman
Tana Oy, 16.01.2017 13:58
Mr. Al Mamun, thank you for your interest in TANA Shredders! Your request for a quotation has been forwarded to our sales team.
pETER (dANNY Engineering Ltd), 26.01.2017 12:23
I have about 100-150 tons of used OTR tyres R29.5 and am looking for buyers. The tyres are in Zambia and ready for shipping. The quantities can be more as they keep pilling up.

If you know anybody that buys used tyres please send me email address I send you pictures.


Tana Oy, 26.01.2017 13:28
Hello Peter, there's big potential in selling OTR tyres. I've forwarded your question to our sales team who will be in contact with you and we'll do our best to help you!
caleb mafuyai (stereoscopic presenters), 08.02.2017 14:46
I will like to know the methodology of shredding use tires to various sizes and also the equipment required for same.
I will be glad to hear from you soon and if possible include pictures.

NOTE: Iam from Nigeria.
Tana Oy, 08.03.2017 14:14
Hello Mr. Mafuyai and big apologies for a delayed reply!

We're very happy to find you interested in tire shredding. I've forwarded your enquiry to our sales team who will be in contact with you as soon as possible.
William Swick , 22.03.2017 06:01
What would it cost for this machinery? I live in WV and I am looking into the tire mulching.
Denis Mittleman (DM GLOBAL LLC), 24.03.2017 15:36
I am looking to speak with end-users/consumers of tire recycling/shredding/chipping/crumbing.
Tana Oy, 27.03.2017 17:24
Mr. Swick, thank you for your interest in TANA shredders. I've forwarded your enquiry to our sales team who will give you more details about our equipment.

Have a great day!
Tana Oy, 27.03.2017 17:26
Mr. Mittleman, great to hear you're interested in the tire shredding business. I forwarded your question to our team, who will give you more information as soon as possible.
Dear Sir

Our Monthly requirement 500Ton .
The above material available kindly give contact address .

Kind Regards
Shiju Mathew
Mob 0091 9744904029.
Tana Oy, 03.04.2017 09:54
Hello Mr. Shiju

I have forwarded your enquiry about our shredders to our sales team responsible for India, who will be in contact with you as soon as possible.
Ngham (ECOVIEW NY), 08.05.2017 16:20
From Cameroon(West Africa). Will wiah to get more enqiries,quotation and condition in getting one of those machine to start tire such business.

Tana Oy, 23.05.2017 12:37
Greetings Ngham,

We will be in contact with you shortly to answer your questions. Have a great day!
we are into recycling business. We are looking for companies in USA that can buy old tires, recycled plastics, nylon bags, metals, etc from us.

Help and contact us.

Tana Oy, 29.05.2017 09:23
Hello Mr. Eze!

Thank you for contacting us and for your interest in the tire recycling business! We have forwarded your enquiry to our US sales team, who will help you as soon as possible.

Have an excellent day!
carshoez (https://www.carshoez.com/buy-tires-online.html), 05.06.2017 09:18
Great blog with wonderful information; I mean these is quite interesting facts that you have shared and are extremely beneficial for those who want to sell off their shred tires. Yes it becomes problematic for those who want to sell these tires as there are few options available in the market. So keep in mind the facts that you shared many of us can sell them easily. Thanks and keep updating
Tana Oy, 05.06.2017 12:07
Thank you for your compliments, Carshoez!

Shredding tires continues to be an important topic in the field and we love to hear your thoughts.
Tana Oy, 26.06.2017 08:59
Hello Tebello!

Great to hear of your interest in tire shredding, it certainly offers many possibilities.

Could you kindly tell us what country you would be interested in operating in, so I can forward your message to a representative who could give you more information on the matter.

Thank you so much and have a great day!
Jamal ibrahim (World Classic ), 07.07.2017 12:42
I have thousands of used tires and I can't find a way to use it? Who is willing to biy it from me with the lowest price possible?
Tana Oy, 10.07.2017 09:46
Greetings Jamal,

An excellent question. We will be in contact with you shortly to help you further.

Have a great day!
Nikitas Katsaras, 21.07.2017 03:59
Dear Sirs would like to go into tire shredding as I believe it could be a prosperous business. What initial investment would be needed to invest in one of your machines. Any information would be helpful. Thank you

Nikitas Katsaras
Tana Oy, 21.07.2017 08:35
Hello Mr. Katsaras!

Thank you for enquiry. I've forwarded your questions to our sales team, who will be in contact with you with further information.
Femi (Bullstep Services Ltd), 01.08.2017 12:48
We are a startup company set up for tires shredding business in Nigeria market. The opportunities are massive in our local market and opportunity to export out tire proud ts. we are hoping to acquire a tire shredder technology on a long term lease/rent or equipment finance model with you as well as technical partnership.

I will be glad to take discussion the further if this will interest you.

Looking forward to reading from you on possible way forward.

Best regards,

Femi E
Tana Oy, 03.08.2017 11:49
Mr. Ekwuyasi,

Thank you for your interest in our shredding technology. Machine leasing is indeed a very interesting prospect in today's market, and I have forwarded your enquiry to our Sales Team responsible of Nigeria, who will answer any further questions you might have.

Have a great day!
Safiya Aliyu (S enterprise), 24.08.2017 17:51
Please, I need to know urgently the cost of the shredder machine and the smallest size available. can you also highlight how it works for me, please?Thank you so much for your prompt response.
Tana Oy, 25.08.2017 09:27
Hello Mr. Aliyu,

We're happy for your interest in our Shark shredders! Our sales department will be in contact with you about the information you require as soon as possible.

Have a great day!
Tana Oy, 12.10.2017 14:14
Hello Shiraz!

Thank you for your enquiry, our marketing team will soon be in contact with you for some additional information.

Have a nice day!
tsholofelo innocentia khonyane (Bophelo Phepa Cleaners Recycling And Other Projects pty ltd), 01.11.2017 11:48

To: Who it may concern

I would like to know more about your tyre processing equipment , please contact me on the email address provided .

Thank you in advance .
Tsholofelo Innocentia Khonyane
Tana Marketing, 06.11.2017 09:38
Good day,

Great to hear from you Tsholofelo, our team will be in contact with you soon!
Tana Marketing, 17.01.2018 10:18
Thank you for your message Giezel,

Our team will contact you via email momentarily.
Moses (Yisrael General Traders), 30.01.2018 04:58
Hello Tana, we are located in Guyana South America and we are interested in your machine, can you update us on finacining and also this is something new we are venturing into too so can you help us with real genuine buyers of shredded scrap tires.

Contact: +(592)-619-1471
Thanks much


Ransford France (NDF Company Limited), 12.03.2018 16:59
your price quotation please
Tana Marketing, 17.04.2018 14:47
Dear Mr. Neave,

Thank you for your interest in Tana Shark shredders! I have forwarded your enquiry to the person responsible for your area.

Have a great day!
Steve Morgan (None), 29.11.2018 00:55
Can shredded rubber be mixed with another solution to form a liquid that would set “hard” ?
Adelayo Sunday Samuel (nothing spoil investment NIG ), 15.12.2018 18:25
Hello Tana,Adelayo from Nigeria and we are interested in your machine can you update us on finacining and also this is something new we are venturing into,and also if you can help us with buyers of shredded scrap tires.

Contact: +2348179082281

Thanks much

Mohamed (MKK), 18.12.2018 14:43
We are a company that collect used tires from several sources and sell it for third party, we are trying to find a new opportunity to import this used car for using it in recycling , trying to find opportunities to supply passenger cars used tires to any of recycling plants in Europe. we need your support to advise which companies will need our services and how to deal and market it

Tana Marketing, 19.12.2018 10:57
Hello Steve, Adelayo and Mohamed!

Thank you for your interest in Tana shredders and tire shredding. We will contact each of you regarding your question as soon as possible.

Have a great day!
Robert McCarthy, 25.01.2019 05:15
Hello I was wondering how much one of these units cost? Also is it the same unit that separates the metal from the tire or is that another separate unit?
Tana Marketing, 25.01.2019 09:19
Hello Robert!

Thank you for your interest in our Shark Shedder. There is in option to have an overband magnet which separates the metal for the tire.

You will be contacted in shortly. In the meantime please watch our video of shredding tires under this link:


Starting from 0:55 you can see how our shedders separate the metal.
Ashley (One close one around), 09.03.2019 19:12
We have alot we trying to find a place close the get rid of them around iowa
Tana Marketing, 11.03.2019 09:08
Dear Ashley,

Thank you for your message. Please send us more details to marketing@tana.fi, if we can help you somehow with this matter. Have a great week!
Henry Johnson, 25.04.2019 14:36
Need a smaller shredder of about 5 tons/hr
Tana Marketing, 26.04.2019 15:50
Hello Henry,

Thank you for your message. We will answer you by email.

Have a great weekend!

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