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Global CemFuels Conference and Exhibition

Tana participates the 14th Global CemFuels Conference and Exhibition in Cyprus on 19.-20.2.2020

CemFuels 2020

The Global CemFuels Conference and Exhibition is the largest specialised annual alternative fuels conference and exhibition in the world, attracting more than 150 international delegates and many exhibitors each year.

The 14th event will showcase the best alternative fuels projects and equipment from the cement industry from around the world. Fuel mix optimisation and combustion and pyro-process optimisation will be examined in depth.

Tana will have an interesting presentation at the conference about the business benefits of the shift from fossil fuels to RDF and TDF by Josef Imp, Vice President, Sales, Tana Oy. The discourse will show Tana’s solutions to the challenges that waste fuel operators face in their production process all the time.

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