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Recycling 2015 in Gorinchem, Holland

On 3rd to the 5th November was the time for the sixth edition of the trade show Gorinchem Recycling in Holland. It was a rather small, but highly important national event with about 6000 visitors in total and some hundreds of exhibitors. All the important players from the recycling industry in Holland were present at the event. The theme of the days, "from waste to resource", fits close to the activities of Tana.

TANA Shark @ Gorinchem

Tana participated with our local representative Smart Equipment Ltd. and together we proudly presented our presence on the market, TANA Shark 440DT which was parked in front of the exhibition hall and our SMART SITE™ concept. TANA Shark is equipped with an integrated scale on the conveyor measuring the shredded tonnages. When the adequate operating programme of the Shark is being used the owner or Site Manager can follow the produced tons per waste stream when and where ever he wants. Every morning he will get a Morning Report (see picture below) to his mobile illustrating the key figures of the previous day.

Tana morningreport

The basic application of SMART SITE™ reporting is based on machine and material flow and it provides information about fuel consumption, machine up-time, produced tons per waste fraction and the like. The business application of SMART SITE™ is based on process and monetary information and it enables to analyse and streamline the entire work process and its profitability. In addition to the TANA Shark shredder for example a trommel, wheel loader and other machinery can be linked to together to SMART SITE™ enabling total control of all operations on site, even remotely via Internet.

So far the SMART SITE™ has been developed in co-operation with customers in UK and it has received extremely positive feedback. Several UK contractors have been using the system during the last 18 months and this is how they comment it:

“Smart Site reports include exactly the right information. They are easy to read and provide a good summary of the operation”, says Oliver Dymott from Robert Hopkins Environmental Services.

“TANA Smart Site is definitely useful. Morning report helps with driving production up on daily basis”, says Robert Chirnside from Chadwicks Recycling.

At Gorinchem Recycling we wanted to arouse the interest of potential customers interested in experimenting and developing the concept further with us. Netherlands as well as Belgium is one of the most advanced recycling societies globally with knowledgeable customers with high potential of gaining added value through SMART SITE™ concept. Anyone interested please contact Philippe Potier at Smart Equipment, tel. +32 3 773 54 69, e-mail: philippe.potier@smart-equipment.com or Petri Kuikka at Tana, +358 44 5587 694, e-mail petri.kuikka@tana.fi