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Moviter: the new Tana distributor for Portugal

We are delighted to present Moviter as the newest part of Tana’s family of dealers and distributors in Europe. Moviter serves its customers and provides Tana’s products in Portugal.

Moviter saw Tana as the perfect companion for its new department and market segment. Tana has a reputation for reliable and innovative products that help customers profit in their respective markets.

”We are proud to have Moviter partnering our distributor network. During the whole negotiation process, I have been most impressed with their professional and structured way of working, especially the way they handle customer care”, says Kari Kangas, CEO and President of Tana.

“So far Portugal has been primarily a compactor market for Tana but this beautiful country is now taking encouraging steps towards recycling. Moviter is keen to take major part is this change and there is a good chance for both of us to become a game changer”, Kangas concludes.

Moviter and Tana
Marcello Gonçalves from Moviter; Anniina Rasmus from Tana; Rui Faustino and Arnaldo Sapinho from Moviter in front of the Moviter office in Porto.

"Moviter has made a decision to develop a new department dedicated to environmental solutions since it considers this an important market segment, which requires quality brands, specific knowledge and dedicated people. After researching the market for waste compaction solutions, for shredders and processing equipment, we have realized that TANA would be the best brand possible with great potential in our market. We have during our negotiations with TANA come to realize that the business approach of our both companies was matching perfectly, in what concerns commitment, quality, approach and closeness to the customers in terms of after-sales solutions and finally the drive to be the best partner possible to our customers”, says Arnaldo Sapinho, Manager and Board Member at Moviter.


About Moviter

Moviter is the exclusive dealer of the Finnish brand Tana in Portugal. Established in 1989, it represents high quality brands building close relationships with their customers, earning their trust. The Executive Board of the company makes sure that all its 75 staff members have the resources, know-how and tools to perform their duties properly and support client satisfaction.

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