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Speedy delivery helps Kilis handle the increased waste of a doubled population

Kilis municipality in Turkey sits right across the border from Syria and has seen its population double in 2015 due to the crisis in Syria. The municipality’s old bulldozer broke down and they needed an efficient replacement as soon as possible.

Kilis map

TANA’s dealer in Turkey, ENKA Pazarlama reacted quickly to the situation and with the help of UN funding the municipality was able to continue their waste management with TANA E320 compactor. This was the first UN funded project Tana was involved in and as such it was an interesting project to all those involved. The dealer, ENKA Pazarlama, handled the case with professionalism and made the local municipality a satisfied customer.

Tana is committed to fast and high quality customer service with all its customers, but this delivery was made as quickly as possible to help the community with their situation. The delivery of the compactor drew a large audience to a guarded area near the border and there was a general enthusiasm visible when the compactor was handed to the municipality.

E320 delivery to Kilis
Staff of Kilis municipality, ENKA staff and other interested people in Kilis.

The increased efficiency brought by the TANA E320, highlighted by the compaction guarantee, means the municipality of Kilis is better equipped to handle the increased amount of waste they now face. With its efficient compaction the new Tana E320 helps bring under control the waste that was left piling in the landfill after the breakdown of the old bulldozer.

The first E series compactor in Turkey

The TANA E320 delivered to Kilis municipality was the first new generation Tana compactor to be delivered to Turkey through ENKA Pazarlama. It is the result of good co-operation between Tana and ENKA that has been established patiently over the years. Now the market in Turkey was ready for a new generation of compactors such as the one delivered to Kilis and TANA was happy to re-establish itself in the Turkish market. Tana and ENKA trust that the good experiences with the compactor and the fast delivery to the Kilis municipality help bring in interest towards Tana’s products from other parties dealing with waste management in Turkey.

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