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Service Center helps reduce customer downtime

In waste management, machine downtime costs money. Even more so if the downtime was not planned and repairs take a long time with multiple visits to the machine. Through TANA SMART SITE™ Tana Service Center aims at preventing unnecessary failures from happening and if something happens, remote troubleshooting and diagnostics help shorten downtime by saving a service visit to the machine.

Cost of downtime
Assumed cost of downtime for the business

Service Center helps Tana dealers and service providers diagnose potential problems and prepare for the visit with the correct spare parts. When a machine operator contacts a Tana service provider, machine model and essential information is gathered and the service provider can start diagnosing the problem remotely combining his/her experience with the solutions inside the Service Center. This helps eliminate an additional visit to the site just to diagnose the machine and determine the needed repairs and parts. Less visits to the site mean saved money in service costs.

Unplanned downtime is always costly and that’s why Tana wants to do everything it can to prevent it or at least to minimize the time. In the rare case that something goes wrong and the machine doesn’t work as desired, there is a good chance the solution is already available. The information and solutions are accessible to service providers online, so they don’t have to wait for responses from the manufacturer and there is no waiting caused by different time zones. 

Customers benefit from shared knowledge

Inside the Service Center the Solution Search gives service personnel access to a library of solved problems that have been encountered before, putting the knowledge of the whole Tana network to use for all customers. By using the shared information, dealers and service providers can serve their customers faster and with all the necessary knowledge available to support them.

Nothing replaces a qualified and experienced service personnel, but the Solution Search and Service Center give them the tools and knowledge of the whole Tana network to support their work. Tana is committed to always improving customer and dealer service and as a part of that, Tana’s professionals are constantly improving and adding more solutions and more information available to the whole network.

Solution Search
Predetermined causes and solutions help qualified service personnel.

Smart planning

TANA compactors, shredders and drum screens come equipped as standard with Smart Site intelligence which helps, among other things, to plan for maintenance and scheduled repairs. Users and service providers can monitor the operation and wear of the machine to schedule maintenance and also remotely diagnose any problems that may come. This way unpleasant surprises can be avoided and it’s one more tool to help customer service and reduce downtime.

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