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Tana Road Show interested waste professionals around the world

An exclusive group of waste professionals were invited to Madrid, Spain, in May 2017, to attend a TANA road show. For the first time in a road show, all TANA machines were shown in action and were available for test drive. The road show was arranged at the Tradebe Valdilechas landfill site and lasted an entire week. Most attendees were Spanish customers. However, there were visitors from as far as South Korea and, of course, from Tana’s home country, Finland.

Roadshow shredder blades

Kari Kangas, Tana’s CEO, summarized his view of the event: “The interest and attention of the visitors seemed to be spread evenly over our entire offering.” TANA’s landfill compactors go back decades in Spain and they have been appreciated by Spanish customers. “We are making a fresh start with our new distributor, EMSA Maquinaria y Proyectos Ltda., and our position in the recycling sector is getting stronger,” Mr Kangas continues. “This road show event would not have been possible without a committed local partner and its customer, Tradebe, who were so open and willing to offer their premises for our use.”

Different waste materials were processed to demonstrate the machines

During the road show, the TANA 6Deco drum screen was demonstrated for processing compost. This drum screen has a couple of unique features; the drum diameter is bigger than on other drum screens, which results in a larger screening area, and, as an additional feature, optional conveyor scales were equipped to enable the measurement of production. The machine also has the state-of-the-art TANA control system with remote access and reporting functions.

Roadshow shredder in action

The newly unveiled TANA TE disc screen was presented with two setups and materials. The TE 602 H hook-lift model was in line with a TANA Shark waste shredder, which is a perfect match for it. Commercial and industrial waste and mattresses were shredded and screened with very good results. The track-drive model TANA TE 552 DT was operated alone, it did compost and was fed by a material handling machine.

TANA Shark can handle 150-200 mattresses per hour and the overband magnetic separator (overbelt magnet) recovered the steel springs from the waste. The disc screen does the separation of the material to RDF size. Tradebe’s Valdilecha Site Manager, Germán Ortega, was quite impressed with the result of the mattresses: “The separated steel is valuable even if it is not 100 % clean. We can still sell it and get 50-70% of the price of clean steel.”

The TANA disc screens are available as track-drive and hook-lift models. They are capable of screening up to three different fractions. The machines have the Ecostar patented anti-clogging system and are applicable to any material. They are particularly good for waste processing, as well as for aggregates and ashes.