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TANA TE mobile disc screen demo tour videos

As the new TANA TE mobile disc screen is capable of screening almost any material, we decided to send it on a demo tour to process various kinds of waste. So far, we have video footage of the following waste types:

  • Tires
  • RDF
  • Waste wood
  • C&D
  • Compilation with compost, MSW, mattresses, bulky waste

The TANA disc screen has very low operating costs; therefore, the cost per processed waste ton remains low, which means more profit for the bottom line. The patented Ecostar anti-clogging system enables trouble-free screening of difficult materials without the wrapping and plugging that would quickly clog and blind conventional screening equipment.

TANA TE Disc Screen — Tires

The TANA TE (screen separation 50 mm) was teamed up with a TANA Shark (109 mm screen), shredding and screening up to 12 tons of tires per hour with this setup.

TANA TE Disc Screen — RDF

The TANA TE552DT mobile disc screen (screen separation 50 mm) continues its journey, this time doing a killer job at screening shredded RDF.

TANA TE Disc Screen — Waste Wood

This time the TANA TE552DT is screening waste wood, and the results speak for themselves. See for yourself!

TANA TE Disc Screen — C&D

In the final part of our video series, the TANA TE552DT is under heavy test. Screening construction and demolition (C&D) waste. Even with this heavy, bulky debris the TE Disc Screen performed admirably. See for yourself!

TANA TE Mobile Disc Screen—Compilation

During the Madrid road show, the disc screen was put to work separating compost, MSW, mattresses, and bulky waste.