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TANA unveils its new mobile disc screen at MAXPO exhibition in Hyvinkää, Finland


Jyväskylä-based Tana Oy, known for its landfill compactors, has come out with a mobile disc screen to complement its range of recycling equipment. The product was developed in collaboration with the Italian company Ecostar Srl, which boasts more than two decades of experience with disc screens in fixed machinery setups.

Maxpo TANA TE552DT demo 2017 CDW

The TANA TE disc screen will be available in hook-lift and track-drive models, and provide either two or three screened particle sizes. The units are equipped with Ecostar’s patented anti-clogging system. They are suitable for processing all waste types, along with soil, metals, and compost.

Thanks to its high efficiency and capacity, the disc screen now provides a convenient alternative to the drum screen, representing the tool of choice for many fixed-machinery applications in the market. Also, its compactness makes the device ideal for tight spaces. Tana believes that it will gain a stronger foothold in mobile applications, too.

The disc screen comes into its own when material is fed into it steadily on a conveyor – for example, in a configuration where the disc screen comes directly after a shredder. As an extremely versatile tool, Tana’s low-speed TANA Shark mobile shredder is a perfect partner for the TE disc screen. Together, the two offer numerous ways of achieving the desired capacity and screened material size.

TANA-440D eco Mattress-pre-shredding

Launched ten years ago, the unique, highly versatile TANA Shark has undergone continuous development in response to feedback from customers. It has been shown to outperform the competition – not only in waste-processing, in general, but also in the handling of particularly challenging materials, such as tires and roofing felt, which subject the machinery to heavy wear and tear. In addition, the company offers several accessories designed specifically for this device.

In addition to their other impressive properties, Tana’s products are known for their intelligence. The TANA SMART SITE™ concept encompasses services designed primarily to ensure a long service life for the machines.

You are invited to find out more about our TE disc screen, the TANA Shark shredder, and other products at the Maxpo exhibition of land construction and environmental maintenance machines. In department B95, you can learn about our exhibition offer and discuss the possibility of a demo.

For further information on the products or a demonstration of what they can do for you, contact Mirja Yli-Erkkilä by e-mail at mirja.yli-erkkila@tana.fi or by phone at +358 40 090 9029.