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Latest commissioning: Jaén, Spain


Location: Jaén, Spain

Product(s): two TANA E260eco landfill compactors

Residuos Sólidos Urbanos Jaén S.A (Resur Jaén), in the city of Jaén, in Spain, has been using TANA landfill compactors since 1981. The company is one of the longest customer relationships of TANA and they have recently invested in two new TANA E260eco landfill compactors to extend their fleet.

Resur Jaen Commissioning

Visitors to the Resur Jaén landfill site often observe how good and well maintained the site looks. For this, Resur Jaén has the answer: TANA. The even surface and excellent compaction maintains the landfill’s good condition. Resur Jaén staff even use “Tana” as a word instead of saying “compactador de vertedero” (Spanish for landfill compactor).

EMSA, the TANA reseller in Spain, has done a good job to support and train Resur Jaén and other Spanish customers in the use of TANA products.

For more information, please contact TANA Spain.