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The Shark goes electric: TANA versatility with zero emissions

Our customers made a wish – and we made it happen. The new TANA Shark 440EM electric industrial waste shredder offers the same TANA versatility and reliability but is more environmentally friendly, with improvements in both emissions and noise.

Electric over diesel: Lower operating costs and zero emissions

In the electric TANA Shark, the diesel engine is replaced by two electric motors. The operator can plug the machine into their power supply or use a power unit. A machine that runs on electricity instead of diesel goes easy on both the environment and the wallet. The initial investment will be paid back in lower operating costs while supporting sustainability, a cleaner site, and a safer working environment due to zero emissions.

TANA-440EM waste-wood 1-600x337

The electric shredder has the power and torque of a diesel-powered model, with more environmentally friendly features.

Significant reduction in noise pollution

Especially at waste management sites near urban areas, local regulations around noise levels often apply. An electric waste shredder is 6 dB quieter than a diesel-powered one, making it easier to comply with noise regulations and keep the neighbors happy. Excessive noise is also a work safety issue. The electric TANA Shark helps create a safer work environment and more satisfied employees.


Mobility saves you time and money

The TANA Shark 440EM is a semi-trailer model, so it gives you greater versatility. A single machine can be moved between stacks and areas within your facility, eliminating the need to move waste around and saving time and money. It can even be moved between sites, eliminating the need to purchase a shredder for every site.

TANA-Shark-440EM powerpack 7-600x338


Even better usability with the new features

The electric shredder is the flagship product of our new TANA Shark industrial waste shredder product line. In addition to an updated conveyor, one of the major improvements in the new model series is the new highly user-friendly control system. The control panels are clearer than ever, allowing intuitive operation of the machine. The symbols and figures guide even the inexperienced user, so site supervisors can spend fewer hours on user training.

“This machine is built with love. We use the best components, and we
take pride in the quality of our work.”
Tommi Vänttinen, Engineering Manager, Tana


The electric TANA Shark waste shredder carries the same advantages as the diesel-powered model

  • Versatility: Widest range of opportunities in both materials and output sizes
  • Robust construction: Engineered to shred demanding and difficult materials
  • Easy maintenance: Less downtime and lower maintenance costs
  • Mobility: Machine is easily relocated within and across facilities
  • TANA Smart Site solution: Minimizes downtime and optimizes operations for maximum profit

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