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Burmese waste management begins a new era with the TANA landfill compactor


WONG FONG MYANMAR recently signed a distributorship agreement with Tana Oy. Mr. Sunny Liu of WONG FONG MYANMAR says that with this agreement they are hoping to be able to improve solid waste management in Myanmar (Burma).

TANA Myanmar dealer 2018

From left: Kari Kangas (Tana Oy), Mirja Yli-Erkkilä (Tana Oy), Sunny Liu (Wong Fong Myanmar).

WONG FONG MYANMAR recently sold the very first TANA landfill compactor to a Burmese client. Mr. Liu explained in detail the reasons that better equipment is necessary:

- Currently in the Myanmar’s largest city Yangon, there are four landfills; three have already been fully utilized without proper compaction equipment. These landfills have been using road rollers and excavators for daily maintenance, but these do not compact the landfills sufficiently to harden the ground, resulting in garbage trucks not being able to continue dumping in them, Mr. Liu explains.

- Mr. Liu says that the main need in the Yangon area is the improvement of compaction in existing landfills so as to reduce the need for creating others.

- The TANA landfill compactor was the only brand in the Yangon Tender with full drum width design. Various comparison reports have shown that this design provides a higher compaction ratio than the standard 4-wheel design. In addition, one of TANA’s strengths is providing fast and high-quality after-sales service on their equipment. These two points were the winning factors, Mr. Liu says.

Using the new TANA E260 landfill compactor, authorities in Myanmar have seen significant improvement in the grounding of its older landfills and have begun to utilize these facilities for the dumping of new waste.

According to Mr. Liu, the team at YCDC (Yangon City Development Committee) is very satisfied with the Tana E260’s performance and has expressed interest in additional machines with bigger capacity.

Significant first steps toward environment-friendly waste management have been taken

Mr. Liu asserts that TANA’s landfill compactor sets the benchmark at the highest level. WONG FONG MYANMAR sees additional marketing opportunities – they have invited committees from other states to come and see the machines in action, and these committees are now considering replacing the machines they currently use in their landfills.

Myanmar commissioning
The purchase of this first TANA landfill compactor in Myanmar indicates that local governments in the country are beginning to invest in the right product for the job. We are confident that the full range of TANA products can assist with improving landfill management in Myanmar.

According to Mr. Liu, the biggest challenge faced by the Burmese waste management industry is the need to educate local municipalities in using the correct equipment for each step in the waste management process.

Mr. Liu believes that together WONG FONG MYANMAR and TANA offer a range of all-purpose landfill equipment designed to assist end customers in the most efficient and cost-effective way. All the machines are equipped with TANA’s in-house IoT system, SMART SITE™, which assists operators in monitoring their daily operation and maintenance needs.

All in all, the Burmese waste management industry is beginning to move in the right direction. We are seeing Burmese state governments improve waste management processes by investing in new machines suitable for the work required.