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Customer seminar in Slovakia: recycling business are expected to rise

REDOX s.r.o, Tana’s distributor in Slovakia, organized a customer seminar in September for the latest waste management technologies, hosted in a picture perfect location at Mountain Hotel Šachticka at Banská Bystrica, Slovakia. Over 120 attendees participated in the event, where new technologies, products and services were featured by REDOX.

TANA in Slovakia

Picture: Video of the latest compaction trial run from Italy, where TANA E520 compactor was able to reach 15% better compaction over Bomag, inspired conversation on a topic of running an efficient landfill operation. Click to see the video.

Waste management professionals in Slovakia are expecting new possibilities opening in the field of recycling waste more effectively.

- We offer the unbeatable guarantee for landfill operators with our compactors: a minimum 10 % better compaction against any other landfill compactor on the market. For operators interested in widening their landfill business into the recycling, we offer TANA Shark waste shredder that is an answer for shredding practically all kinds of waste and turn it into money, says Markus Rekonen, Tana’s Regional Manager. 

Slovakian landfill and recycling market has been steady for long, due to the low landfilling fees. As part of the EU, Slovakia has to meet the EU requirements of recycling at least 50% of MSW in 2020.

- Slovakian customers were really interested to hear our experiences of recycling businesses from other EU countries. We are happy to share our know-how to help in turning waste into valuable business, Rekonen says.

See examples of different waste types are used for example as energy sources or as a raw material after shredding them.