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Smart TANA Landfill Compactor impresses in Poland

A Polish landfill in Hryniewicze, owned by PUPH Lech Sp. z o.o from Bialystok, started to operate the landfill with a brand new TANA E320eco compactor. The Site Manager was very excited about the compactor’s ProTrack® system, which offers him exactly the tool he needs for monitoring the machine without having to drive to the field all the time like he had to do with their previous compactor. By logging in to the system he can see in real-time what is going on with the machine; from engine RPMs and operating speed to temperatures of the hydraulic oil. E-mail notifications about upcoming scheduled maintenances help to plan the service breaks in advance and the service kits for scheduled maintenances ease the life of the Service Engineers.

TANA ProTrack at Landfill Compactor

Greg Falkus from Integra Kaminski Sp.z.o.o., Tana’s local representative in Poland, continues that the Site Manager and the operators were also very content because the commissioning and start-up of the machine was done in such an efficient and professional way. The installation of the machine was simple and quick, the operators were trained to use the machine correctly and Site Manager got important hints and tools for daily operations as well.

“We are glad to operate the new TANA landfill compactor at our landfill. We have high expectations that the compaction rate will increase and fuel consumption will decrease. The evidence and technical argumentation Tana has from the field tests convinced us now we will see it ourselves” Adam Kamiński, Vice President of PUPH Lech Sp.z o.o. concludes in one of the meetings after the delivery.

TANA E Series Landfill Compactor in Poland