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Unique rental model provides versatility for recycling businesses in Europe

Smart Equipment, the exclusive dealer of Tana in Benelux and France, in collaboration with Smet Rental provide recycling businesses a unique concept to support their business in most of European countries. By renting a TANA product through Smart Equipment a business owner can see for himself how the unit performs in their actual business environment.

This unique model makes purchasing a machine more accessible for a recycling business owner and allows them to start profiting while testing the unit.

440DT in action

For an extended trial or a limited project

When a business owner wants to test, for example the versatility of the TANA Shark with different materials, a one-day demo is sometimes not enough. Renting allows for an extended trial period to analyze the performance without immediately shouldering the cost of the unit. Once the user sees how effective the unit is, he can purchase it through Smart Equipment or their local dealer.

Alternatively, a business owner may have a limited project that needs a shredder but only lasts a couple of months. Purchasing a unit may not be financially viable or sensible when the next project is not certain. Renting allows the user to profit from the project without having to think about next uses for the shredder or who to sell it to.

Rental periods can vary anywhere from one week up to as long as the customer wants. The period is negotiated between the user and the rental company based on the job at hand or the desired trial period. Rental costs can be calculated into the running costs and the user can start profiting by using the machine in their actual business without delay.

“Rental concept helps customers to minimize the risks to start a new business or test the machines suitability to customer's process”, says Philippe Potier, Owner and CEO of Smart Equipment

As good as new

The rented shredders have been meticulously serviced before being sent to the user, giving reassurance that the unit will function with minimal downtime. A thorough safety and operating training is provided on delivery of the machine to the site.

The intelligent Smart Site technology in TANA machines transmit use and service information back to Smart Equipment and provides them the chance to anticipate potential issues and react quickly to any service calls through an extensive service network. The user of the machine also gets valuable information on the performance of the machine and can adjust his own processes in real time.

Contact Smart Equipment to learn more about the possibilities of renting or purchasing a Tana unit in Benelux countries or France. In other countries, contact your local dealer.