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Tana brings the smartest recycling machinery to IFAT

IFAT Munich 2016 is only about a month away and Tana is making the final preparations. TANA’s stand is taking shape and as promised before, we will have both the TANA 6D Smart Drum Screen and the TANA Shark shredder on display. Both machines represent the smartest recycling machinery available today.

Intelligence brings the competitive edge

Both the TANA 6D Smart Drum Screen and TANA Shark include scales and an electronic control system that allows the user to follow machine output in real time. Both machines can also communicate key information wirelessly to the Smart Site ecosystem to be analyzed and used to make informed decisions.

The ability to measure and monitor waste streams and actual output tonnages is combined with preset settings by waste type on the electronic control system. This gives managers a full view of the waste management process and how much of each waste type can be shredded and screened. When this information is shown to the feeder operator, he can adjust loading of the shredder in real time.

The real time capabilities combined with Smart Site reporting tools, worldwide support by the service network and pre-emptive maintenance give peace of mind and added value to the business owner.

TANA 6D Smart Drum Screen

Combining Tana’s proven reliability with the Smart Site intelligence, the new TANA 6D increases capacity and lowers fuel consumption. The TANA 6D Drum Screen’s smart capabilities are a first in drum screens and they allow business managers and operators full control of the recycling process. Its smart scales on both conveyor belts measure coarse grain and fine grain output tonnages in real time. This data is sent on to be analyzed and combined with other information in TANA Smart Site.


Learn more about the TANA 6D Smart Drum Screen

TANA Shark – the smart waste shredder

In addition to being the smartest shredder available, TANA Shark is also the most versatile when it comes to shredding different materials to a variety of particle sizes. TANA Shark can shred practically anything that fits through the feeding well, including at least:

  • Tyre waste
  • MSW: Municipal Solid Waste
  • Construction & Demolition Waste (C&D)
  • Pallets, Railway Sleepers and Waste Wood
  • Mattresses
  • Green Waste
  • Cables
  • Paper
  • Plastics
  • Textiles

For a waste shredder versatility doesn’t only mean different materials but also different particle sizes for the end material. With the TANA Shark, a variety of different sizes can be achieved without purchasing additional components and generally in just one pass. This variety in both material and particle size makes the TANA Shark the most versatile waste shredder in the world.

TANA Shark waste streams

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IFAT Munich 2016

Learn more about how smart TANA recycling machinery can add value to your waste management operations at our booth.

IFAT is the world’s leading trade fair for water, sewage, waste and raw materials management. The Munich fair will be on May 30th-June 3rd 2016 in Munich, Germany.

Tana at IFAT2016