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Smart Site offers key information to business owners and managers

Business owners have at least a dozen things waiting for their attention when they start a workday. Emails, decisions and reports flood the day and finding key information to support decisions can be difficult or time consuming. To help with this, Tana offers the Smart Site morning and monthly reports that instantly provide key figures and information to optimize production or estimate profits.

Reports with instant value

TANA Smart Site reports focus on bringing essential information to the business owner, so they can make informed decisions. This information comes from the actual operational data of TANA machines and is aggregated and delivered to the receiver’s email or smartphone.

All of Tana’s latest generation machines provide information to the Smart Site, bringing a thorough view across the whole waste management process from shredding to landfilling. Machine operational information combined with smart scales enable actual operational data to be used instead of using estimates.

Morning report

The Smart Site morning report is a quick view of the key figures from the previous day and help business owners in understanding how well their machines are being used and if there are any problems or upcoming matters to plan for such as maintenance.

Tana morning report
Smart Site daily report

Morning report shows the key performance indicators of the last day: figures of throughput, idle and fuel consumption give the managers information about how the processes run. If any critical changes are seen, it is easy to navigate into the TANA Smart Site -online service to find out reasons and how to fix the problems in the process.

Monthly report

Monthly reports are a powerful tool for the business owner. Idle and working hours can be seen for each individual operator as well as average and total fuel consumption and load levels throughout the month. These figure give insight into the total efficiency of the site and when and where improvements to the process can be made.

Monthly report
Smart Site monthly report

The monthly reports can be customized based on the needs of the business owner to provide the most important figures for his business. The report can be delivered to multiple email addresses automatically so the relevant managers are always in the loop.

Smart Site – not just reports

In addition to the different reports, TANA Smart Site operators can access real-time information that help him to feed the TANA Shark waste shredder more efficiently or optimize the compaction of a landfill when combined with TANA ProLoc®. Smart Site can also be configured to send critical alarm notifications and reminders for scheduled maintenance to several receivers by email.

Smart Site online service is the hub for accessing all the operating data of TANA machines and can be further used to examine ways to improve the use of different TANA machines or problem solving if needed.

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