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Baltic Demo Tour: Handling tires, MSW and bulky waste with one setup!


Traditionally, different waste streams are shredded and screened in multiple passes, often by different machines. But what if there was a setup that could cope with both shredding and screening tires, municipal solid waste (MSW) and bulky waste like mattresses in only one pass? And produce perfect particle sizes for different reusing purposes. In addition, this could be done with reasonable fuel consumption and high capacity. And the entire process could be observed in real time by tablet or mobile phone.

All this was achieved at our Baltic Demo Tour arranged in Riga, Latvia. The venue was a landfill site owned by Ekogetlin, our loyal customer and appreciated companion, and it was performed in close cooperation with LASUA (the Latvian Association of Waste Management Companies).

Shredding and screening tires

The demonstration featured the TANA Shark slow-speed shredder and a drum screen. It was operated in conjunction with TANA SMART SITE™, the online service provided to machine owners and operators to enable them to follow the whole process in real time. Check the photo set below to see how the demonstration proceeded.

tires are being fed into the tana shark shredder

Picture 1. Tires are fed into the TANA Shark 440DT slow speed shredder, which shreds them in one pass and conveys the shred into the drum screen.

tire shred is being screened

Picture 2. The TANA 6D drum screen separates the shred into neat, separate piles based on particle size.

Shredding and screening municipal solid waste (MSW)

feeding msw into the shredder

Picture 3. In another demo setup, MSW is fed into the shredder.

msw being screened with a drum screen

Picture 4. And the shredded MSW is separated in neat piles at the required particle sizes.

Fuel consumption and capacity was followed in real time

Visitors attending the demo at the landfill site were especially interested in both fuel consumption and the capacity of the machinery. The following report from TANA SMART SITE™ provides some details.

tana smart site screen showing fuel consumption and capacity

Picture 5. Fuel consumption and capacity was followed in real time from a tablet.

Seven tons of waste was handled during the demo

As seen from the pictures, seven tons of waste was handled during the demo, both MSW and tires. As our guests watched the process and saw the results, they were very impressed. Changing between the two waste streams (tires and MSW) was easy. And when every step of the process could be followed on the tablet in real time, there was good reason to break into applause for the demonstration!

Our sincere thanks go to the great people who joined our demo, and to Ekogetlin and LASUA for making it possible.

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