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Video of the shredding and screening of challenging materials


The TANA waste shredder, drum screen, and disc screen where used to demonstrate both the shredding and screening of different materials at our latest roadshow event. A new aerial video presents the whole process: feeding the material, shredding, and screening.

TANA Shark 440DTeco, renowned for its unique versatility and ability to shred challenging materials, proved its abilities once again: C&D waste; car, truck, and tractor tires; and used carpets from exhibition centers were all easily shred. Finally, a few chunks of vulcanized rubber were fed into Shark just to prove the torque.

The processing capacity of the TANA TE mobile disc screen surprised many visitors; as did the efficiency of the TANA 6D drum screen. In addition, a Norditek VS1220 density separator was used in the demonstration.

TANA’s offering of screening technology came as a surprise to many visitors. The TANA TE disc screen was demonstrated together with the TANA Shark on C&D waste by separating two fractions: 0–50 mm and >50. Disc screen is a multipurpose machine and when used with waste it can multiply the capacity of a drum screen. It is also available in a three fraction version. The sizes and shapes of the disks can be specified according to customer requirements for the material to be worked with.

Drum screen is generally our most familiar product and was positively welcomed, especially because of its bigger screening surface due to the bigger radius of the drum. At the demo, it was lined up with TANA Shark 440DTeco and the Norditek VS1220 wind shifter, which aroused a lot of interest because of its simplicity and efficiency. The wind shifter should always be place fed with a screen and, with a couple of simple rules of thumb, it is possible to separate most materials with a different density or different aerodynamics.

All the units are available for customer demonstrations, albeit at present only in Finland. Please contact your local TANA representative for a demonstration.