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Landfill OperationsTANA ProTrack®

Optimize your processes with TANA ProTrack® 

At Tana, we are constantly developing new ways to make your business better. One example is the TANA ProTrack® information management system that allows you to tune your processes in order to get the most out of Tana machinery. TANA ProTrack® tracks the process information in real time, whether you need fuel consumption, fault codes, uptime information, capacity or other vital operational statistics.

TANA ProTrack® is a state of the art information management system. TANA ProTrack® offers maximum uptime with remote access for quicker and more accurate trouble shooting by the distributor and TANA Service center.

TANA ProTrack® sends critical alarm notifications and reminders for scheduled maintenance to several receivers by e-mail. It also has a GPS available which makes it possible to locate the exact location of the machine at all times. TANA ProTrack® is a standard feature in all TANA machinery. There are some optional add-ons such as reports based on customers' special needs.

ProTrack E Series

ProTrack E Series powerpack