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Landfill OperationsTANA ProLoc®

TANA ProLoc® for efficient landfill operations

We offer you intelligent tools for your For TANA E Series landfill compactors, you can further optimise your landfill operations with the optional, benefit-packed TANA ProLoc®application to get your compaction rate up and operating costs down.

Optimized landfill space usage and efficient volume reduction
• A digitally imported filling plan gives the operator a realtime view of the work process through a colour 3D interface
• Reached compaction level is indicated by coloured squares

Profitability and remarkable savings

• No unnecessary compaction passes means up to 12 % less fuel consumed and remarkably higher compaction rate
• Machine uptime is maximized for efficient operation as idle machine time and unplanned transfers decrease
• Provides for an even surface and uniform density on the entire landfill

Effortless use
• Clear, colour touch screen with Windows-based software
• Online downloading of work plans and software updates
• Remote connection enables trouble-shooting and problem solving
• Follow-up from computer display wherever internet connection is available