Tana zaktualizowała swoją Politykę prywatności. Można przeczytać ją tutaj.
Działania na wysypiskuUdane przedsięwzięciaReduced costs, excellent compaction

Comments from the customer

“When a landfill compactor performs its duties properly, it pays for itself over time. We have recommended Tana machines to our landfill visitors for several years due to the technical specs and results achieved in our experience.”

– Marco Antonini, Manager of the landfill and co-generating systems.

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About Sogliano Ambiente

Sogliano Ambiente is an environmental engineering company from Italy that designs, constructs and manages plants that handle waste in all forms.

The company currently has three key plants, one of which is a landfill that disposes all the material that is not recyclable in the other two. The landfill also produces biogas and energy from the waste, completing the recycling cycle.

They have four TANA compactors with 80-90 000 working hours combined. The first of these four compactors has been in service since 1997.

Sogliano Ambiente has kept full control of the waste treatment cycle from transporting the waste all the way to landfilling and recovery of energy from biogas.

They have always strived to accomplish the best possible compaction rate and biogas available while minimizing the environmental impact of landfills, including odors.