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Recycling ProcessesC&D

Shredding Construction and Demolition (C&D) Waste

The mixed waste from construction and demolition sites consists of heavy, bulky debris with cables, wires, insulations and plastics. Heterogeneity of the C&D sets requirements where many other common waste shredders fall back. TANA Shark waste shredders can even produce high quality SRF from this miscellaneous waste fraction. 

Customer Success Story:
Quality means money in shredding C&D and Industrial waste for RDF production

”Our two TANA Sharks provide outstanding quality RDF with the high uptime of 99% even when working on difficult materials which normally jam the conventional shredders.” 

Kalle Mäki, Handling and Logistics Manager, Ekopartnerit

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Separation of recycables and disposables

TANA Shark Shredding Construction and Demolition Waste

The characteristics of C&D include both easily recyclable and disposable materials. Separation of the valuable ferrous materials is easy with the TANA Shark. The integrated overband magnet separates the metal directly from conveyor. The end product is highly uniform, homogeneous first class burnable fuel which brings added value in SRF production.

The TANA Control System (TCS) controls the shredding operation preventing possible damages from occurring. Non-crushable particles like metal bars or blocks of concrete may end up in the hopper creating a peak in pressure and making the rotor reverse for a few times. If the object does not crush, TCS stops the operation and the object can easily be removed through the opening side door.

TANA Shark and ProTrack

Picture: TANA Shark is the most intelligent shredder on the market. TANA ProTrack® tracks the process in realtime and when equipped with an internet connection, it allows a remote connection (pictured) for both the owner and the TANA Service Center to assist for quicker and more accurate troubleshooting. Read more about the intelligence of TANA Shark.


Uniform end product in just one pass

Normally a pre-shredder, a secondary shredder and a drum screen are needed when making SRF of  C&D. With TANA Shark’s unique features: TCS, half-cutting effect, adjustable amount of counter-knives, rotor screens and overband magnet this can be done with one machine in one pass.

The unique features of TANA Shark waste shredders allow the shredding process to be completed in just one pass – with any wanted particle size between 50 to 500 mm. Changing the counter knives and adjusting or removing the rotor screen can be done smoothly in a reasonable time without unnecessarily long downtimes disrupting the operation. 

TANA Shark - Changing the counter knives

Picture: The opening side door allows a quick change of setup when a smaller or a bigger end product size is needed. By replacing every other counter knife with a half knife the production capacity and end product size will increase.

What else would you like to shred?


Mattresses are almost impossible to compact in landfills. Therefore any sensible treatment possibilities are welcome. The process of shredding mattresses efficiently and separating the metal springs requires a robust waste shredder like TANA Shark.

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Other Common Waste Types

Want to know how TANA Shark waste shredders perform with other common waste types, such as cables, paper, plastics, textiles and more?

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