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Processing Green Waste

From compost to bioenergy production, TANA Shark waste shredders are able to handle various kinds of green waste. For TANA Shark slow-speed waste shredder the most suitable application is a mixture of branches, twigs and some heavier trunks. It is also a solution for shredding tree trunks and roots. For clean wood see more about the TANA BioChipper. Compared to high-speed shredders a slow speed machine like TANA Shark reduces the amount of dust in shredding process.

In this video you can see how easy and fast it is to change the counter knives on TANA Shark, depending if you're replacing them with new or switching between full and half knives when adjusting the setup for a different end product size.

Customer Success Story:
Less fines improves productivity in waste wood shredding

”The ergonomy and safety of the TANA Shark 440D is years ahead compared to the previous machines we have used. For example changing knives and/or screen is not only safe but also a really quick procedure to do due to the marvellous design of the machine.”

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Produce anything between 50 to 500mm

Shredding Green Waste with TANA Shark

TANA Shark is able to produce high quality end product for a variety of quality specifications of the end product. The particle size variation is wide and regardless of the requirements the most homogeneous particle size is produced. The cutting effect, adjustable counter-knives and rotor screens with different mesh sizes are the key features for producing homogeneous particle sizes from 50mm to 500mm. 

TANA Shark is equipped with easy to use TANA Control System (TCS), which offers 12 pre-settings for a quick way to control the shredding process. Depending on weather you are shredding more demanding logs and trunks or something lighter, choosing the right program of the TCS helps in optimizing the output capacity and fuel consumption.


Achieving uniform end product easily

Highly uniform end product size is a goal for an optimal composting process. Larger pieces do not compost in the same time period as the others, and might require an extra shredding and/or a screening process. This lowers the efficiency of the operation with other conventional shredders and might require investing into a secondary shredder or a screen. 

Saving both time and money by producing the needed end product size in one pass is possible with TANA Shark: the rotor screen can be used to fine tune the particle size and even quality. Other settings such as the counter knife-settings of the counter wall can be set in just minutes. 

TANA Shark shredding branches, twigs and hay
Picture: Branches and twigs (left) and hay (right) shredded with TANA Shark.

What else would you like to shred?

End-of-Life Tyres, Waste Tyres

Tyre recycling and utilization possibilities of tyre shreds are growing in numbers, opening new business opportunities for recycling industry. Find out how you can use TANA Shark waste shredders to shred tyres even into a small particle sizes in just one pass.

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MSW: Municipal Solid Waste

In MSW processing a uniform end product is sometimes needed. The rotor screen and cutting knives on TANA Shark are perfect for high quality MSW shredding.

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