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Shredding and recycling mattresses and furniture

Hated by all landfill operators, mattresses and furniture are a difficult waste to process. Being almost impossible to compact they cost a lot to dump unless they are processed properly. TANA has solved this problem: shredding with magnetic separation creates shred that takes a lot less airspace and is easy to compact in a landfill or process further. Magnetic separation of metals gives additional income of the waste as the valuable metals can be sold for recycling.

Shredding mattresses and furniture will create cost savings and additional income:

  • a lot of landfill as airspace is saved

  • additional income is generated from the separated metals.

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Optimizing valuable airspace in landfills by shredding mattresses

Kylie Doon, Managing Director of Tandara Recycling, Australia, shred over 7000 mattresses at their client's site with TANA Shark.

- The TANA Shark has allowed us to access the value of carbon and nitrogen in the mattress floc, which can be used in manufacturing processes – thus avoiding landfill altogether, Doon says.

Shredding a whole mixture of materials at once

Shredding mattresses and separating metals with TANA Shark
Picture: TANA Shark 440DT shredding mattresses in Australia. © Tandara Recycling

Mattresses along with many furniture contains a complex mixture of materials, such as textiles, latex, foam, springs and wood.  The form, dimensions and weight of mattresses makes the feeding of the shredder somewhat challenging but a skilled operator can manage the feeding at ease.

Long textiles as well as the springs tend to wrap around the rotor and sometimes block it. With the TANA Shark this does not happen. The high torque and half-cutting effect can easily destroy 160 mattresses in an hour. 

Using the operating mode for mattresses of the 12 pre-programmed possibilities of the Tana control system assures that the technical possibilities of the machine are being used on an ideal level. This saves operating because of for example lower fuel consumption. If none of the pre-programmed modes are suitable, there is also a possibility for customized operating modes. 

Overband magnet separates metal from mattresses. Metal can be sold for additional income.

Picture: The overband magnet separates metal springs from the mattresses, ready for re-selling after cleaning. © Tandara Recycling


What to do with the shredded mattresses?

Shredding is an efficient way of turning mattresses as waste in to resource. They can still be landfilled but there are more sophisticated possibilities. In some of them a homogeneous particle size is required, which TANA Shark can provide. But in other cases it is just important to get them shredded. Possibilities for re-using the shredded material are for instance:
  • Separated steel springs is valuable scrap metal
  • Foam can be used as energy, or after refining, as carpet underlay or padding
  • Textiles and fibers can be reused as material for filters
Instead of landfilling mattresses, there is a waste shredder able to turn the waste into valuable material.

What else would you like to shred?

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