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Recycling ProcessesMSW

Processing Municipal Solid Waste (MSW)

Reducing the particle size with a high level of homogeneity is a key element for any shredding process – especially with MSW when it is shred for SRF. Household waste without pre-treatment can contain basically any non-crushable material that can stop or jam traditional waste shredders or even damage the high speed shredders. TANA Shark will not be disturbed by them.

Customer Success Story:
TANA Shark bites costs like nothing else

TANA Shark is the only shredder on the market that covers the whole process from pre-shredding, final shredding and screening. When shredding for more than once is not needed, huge savings in time and money can be achieved. Read this customer story to learn how TANA Shark replaced three different machines.

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Mastering the volume reduction and material separation

TANA Shark shredding MSW

Pre-shredding MSW to uniform particles before screening helps to separate the valuable materials. Depending on the level of contamination of the waste, TANA Shark waste shredders can be used as pre-shredder or as producing the wanted particle size in one single pass. It is the most versatile shredder on the markets offering a variety of possibilities.

Versatility means a wide range of business possibilities 

While legislation helps on reducing steel cans, batteries, aluminum and glass products from landfilling, they are still in the waste stream and require sorting in many cases. Fortunately these kinds of waste types do not harm or damage the robust TANA Shark, and with the help of different kinds of separators they can be separated from the waste flow.

TANA Shark - Side door
Picture: Any non-crushable particles can be removed from the hopper easily through the opening side door. This saves time on maintenance operations while keeping the uptimes high.


SRF production is all about the quality

The production of high quality Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF) is demanding because of the varying quality requirements and demand for a homogeneous particle size. Pre-shredding is the most efficient way to prepare the waste for example for recovery, waste-to-energy and landfilling purposes.

The ability of TANA Shark to produce homogeneous end product size provides added value for the customer. Adjustable rotor screen helps in fine-tuning the end product size.

What else would you like to shred?

Pallets and Waste Wood

Types of waste wood such as pallets and railway sleepers require an efficient shredding process with a tolerance of metal nails and bolts, which normally can harm or even damage medium or high-speed shredders. Fortunately TANA Shark can manage these with ease.

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End-of-Life Tyres, Waste Tyres

Tyre recycling and utilization possibilities of tyre shreds are growing in numbers, opening new business opportunities for recycling industry. Find out how you can use TANA Shark waste shredders to shred tyres even into a small particle sizes in just one pass.

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