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Shredding other common waste types

TANA Shark truly is the most versatile shredder – it can be utilized for processing practically any common waste fraction, such as cables, paper, plastics, textiles, along with all the other applications we have presented on our Applications page. Do you have a specific type of waste that needs to be processed? Contact us to find out how TANA Shark can help your business.

See TANA Shark shredding carpets in this video, demonstrating the use of two different rotor screens (167mm and 109mm) to achieve different particle sizes.

Customer Success Story:
Boosting production 115% by using TANA Shark in RDF production

RDF production requires the best shredder in the market to take care of the most difficult, long elastic and stringy materials. Read how our customer turned their uptime from the previous 80% to 99% while increasing the profit margin by an amazing +800%.

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Cables and plastics

Some kinds of cables like the sea cable require so much power and torque that most shredders are not able to process them. Long, stringy materials and plastics tend to wrap around the rotor of many shredders and build up a block in the hopper. 

This causes downtimes because emptying the hopper is very time-consuming. TANA Shark can handle these materials with ease and even if there should be a jam, it can quickly be cleared through the opening side wall. 

Did you know: changing the counter knife settings of the opening side wall can be done in minutes.

TANA Shark shredding cables
Picture: Thick copper cables require a lot of torque and a specifically designed universal cutting rotor knife.

Shark otherwaste
Picture: TANA Shark can process practically any waste types.


Get valuable information from the intelligent machine

Instead of guessing the amounts of shredded waste fractions the integrated scale of the TANA Shark with TANA ProTrack® reporting gives detailed information per treated waste type in addition to the machine information. This is useful when making profit and cost calculations. 

When working with varying waste types, this give the business owner a new edge when estimating and increasing their profitability. The TANA Smart Site concept is pushing this boundary even further by delivering real time information of the whole process.

TANA Smart Site
Picture: TANA Smart Site in a mobile mini-process enables the operator to increase productivity on the basis of the information of the shredding process in real time. Click for a demonstration video of a mini recycling process with TANA Shark waste shredder and TANA 6D drum screen. Read more about TANA Shark's Intelligence.

What else would you like to shred?

Construction & Demolition Waste (C&D)

Even pre-treated C&D waste tends to be contaminated. Chunks of metal, stones, occasional blocks of concrete and the like disrupt the operation and may sometimes cause long down times. TANA Shark has it under control. Its' intelligent control system protects it from overloading and key features enable quick remedies if something happens.   

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Mattresses are almost impossible to compact in landfills. Therefore any sensible treatment possibilities are welcome. The process of shredding mattresses efficiently and separating the metal springs requires a robust waste shredder like TANA Shark. 

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