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More productivity and higher uptimes

TANA Shark is equipped with the TANA Control System (TCS) for controlling the operation and optimizing production with the right settings. TANA ProTrack® is a real-time internet access to the machine, which is a great asset in trouble shooting. TANA Service Center surveys machines around the world. Integrated scale weighs the shredded material on the conveyor in real-time. Learn how these smart features add value to your business.

Video: Introduction to the main features of TANA Shark waste shredders

Customer Success Story:

Boosting production 115% by using TANA Shark in RDF production

Quality means everything in RDF production when shredding Construction & Demolition (C&D) and Industrial waste. 

RDF production requires the best shredder in the market to take care of the most difficult, long elastic and stringy materials. Read how our customer turned their uptime from the previous 80% to 99%.

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TANA Control System (TCS) provides ease of operation

TANA Control System

TCS monitors and controls the machine functions. There are 12 pre-programmed operating programs for different types of materials and purposes of shredding. In addition, extra customer specified programs can be added. 

The programs adjust the machine functions to optimal level for achieving the wanted output. For instance, overcharge pressure limits, rotor RPMs and conveyor speed can be adjusted. 

If a non-crushable object blocks the rotor, TCS makes the machine reverses and try a few times until the object either goes through or the machine stops. The non-crushable object can be removed quickly and safely through the opening side wall. 


TANA ProTrack® minimizes downtimes

TANA ProTrack

TANA ProTrack® improves accuracy of trouble-shooting and minimizes downtimes. In a best case scenario, upcoming failures can be prevented by reacting to the early symptoms and data.

The machine owner can track his machine where and whenever he wants. This allows more control of the operation. In addition to the real time view, the upcoming scheduled maintenances, fuel consumption and working hours can be downloaded - just to mention a few. 

TANA ProTrack report

Report from TANA ProTrack® provides detailed
information about the production efficiency


Integrated scale tracks production

For better control of your shredding operation, TANA Shark weighs the shredded materials on the conveyor in real time. The information is transferred to ProTrack®, where you can view reports by waste fractions. 

You can also evaluate operators by comparing the quantities they have shredded during a certain time period like a work shift.

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Construction & Demolition Waste (C&D)

Even pre-treated C&D waste tends to be contaminated. Chunks of metal, stones, occasional blocks of concrete and the like disrupt the operation and may sometimes cause long down times. TANA Shark has it under control. Its' intelligent control system protects it from overloading and key features enable quick remedies if something happens.   

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End-of-Life Tyres, Waste Tyres

Tyre recycling and utilization possibilities of tyre shreds are growing in numbers, opening new business opportunities for recycling industry. Find out how you can use TANA Shark waste shredders to shred tyres even into a small particle sizes in just one pass.

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