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Waste shredders for large variety of materials

Versatility like no other! TANA professional waste shredders are capable of shredding difficult materials such as mattresses, tires, cables, ragger wire, municipal solid waste (MSW), or construction and demolition waste. Thus you will be able to both recover valuable materials and reduce the waste volume.

TANA Shark waste shredders are designed for shredding the widest range of materials. Shredder enables full control over the particle size from 50 to 500 mm (2” to 20”) with lowest operation costs. This enables time and cost savings as it is possible to perform shredding in just one pass.

Video: Introduction to the main features of TANA Shark waste shredders

Customer Success Story:
Doubling the SRF production capacity with TANA Shark waste shredder

“I was amazed by the results of the demonstration. The shredding capacity was doubled without compromising the quality of the particle size. Even metal particles didn’t slow down or stop the TANA Shark 440. This is really important for us since the metal contents of the industrial waste we process can be up to 10%.”

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TANA Shark 440EM electric waste shredder

Electric over diesel: Lower operating costs and zero emissions

The new TANA Shark 440EM fully electric industrial waste shredder offers the same TANA versatility and reliability but is more environmentally friendly in terms of emissions and noise. In the electric TANA Shark, the diesel engine is replaced by two electric motors. The operator can plug the machine in their power supply or use a power unit. A machine that runs on electricity instead of diesel goes easy on both the environment and the wallet. The initial investment will pay itself back in lower operating costs while supporting sustainable development, cleaner site and safer working environment through zero emissions. The electric shredder has the power and torque of a diesel-powered model, only in a more environmentally friendly manner.

Significant reduction in noise pollution

Especially at waste management sites near urban areas, local regulations often apply concerning the level of noise. An electric waste shredder is 6 dB quieter than a diesel-powered one, making it easier to follow noise regulations and to keep the neighbours happy. Excessive noise is also a work safety issue. The electric TANA Shark helps create a safer work environment and more satisfied employees.

Mobility saves you time and money

The TANA Shark 440EM is a semi-trailer model, so its versatility goes to even better use, as a single machine can be moved between stacks and areas within your facility. There is no longer a need to move waste around, saving time and money. It can even be moved between sites, eliminating the need to purchase a shredder for every site.

Even better usability with the new features

The electric shredder is the flagship of the new TANA Shark industrial waste shredder. In addition to a renewed conveyor, one of the major improvements in the new model series is the new highly user-friendly control system. The control panels are clearer than ever, allowing intuitive operation of the machine. The symbols and figures guide even the inexperienced user, so the site supervisors can spend less hours on user training.

The electric TANA Shark waste shredder carries the same advantages as the diesel-powered model:

  • Versatility: Widest range of opportunities in both materials and output sizes
  • Robust construction: Engineered to suit shredding of demanding and difficult materials
  • Easy maintenance: Less downtime and lower maintenance costs
  • TANA Smart Site solution: Minimize downtime and optimize operations for maximum profit

Replace two – or even three different waste shredders with one

waste shredder cost comparison
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The high level of customization possibilities over the size and homogeneity of the end product saves our customers both time and money: TANA Shark can replace two shredders and a screen by producing the wanted particle size in one pass.

With other solutions on the market, this might require up to two shredders and a screen when a small particle size is required.

This is the key factor for lowering both fuel and labor costs, which turns every shredding process into a more profitable one. Instead of purchasing a machine for a certain waste type or end product size and being limited to that, TANA Shark leaves the door open for additional business possibilities.


Waste shredder with screen for fine-tuning particle size

Picture: Removable rotor screen for fine-tuning the particle size and homogeneity. Available in different mesh sizes.

waste screen rotor screen replacing is easy


TANA Shark: Counter knives
Picture: Opening side door gives a fast access to the hopper and the rotor. It provides a smooth way for removing any non-crushable materials from the hopper. It also provides an easy access to change the counter knife settings and rotor-knives.


Maximized reliability

patented hydrostatic power transmission of the waste shredder gives high torque
TANA Shark operates on a hydrostatic power transmission identical to the one used in TANA landfill compactors including a patented swing frame system which protects the gears.

By comparison, TANA Shark is more heavier in weight than competitors. This is because of the robust steel structure. The material of the wearing parts is tailor made for TANA, as a result of years of testing, analysis and customer trials.

waste shredder hydraulic couplings

waste shredder engine is easy and ergonimic to access for service
Picture: Daily routines can be performed easily with a walk around area around the power pack. FOPS gives shelter from rain and extensive sunlight. Easy access to service points is not only ergonomic but it also diminishes the time needed for routine service operations.


Achieve more with smart machinery

Instead of guessing the outcome of the shredded waste capacities, the integrated scale of TANA Shark with TANA ProTrack® reporting gives detailed information on the production capacity. 
This helps on calculating the production efficiency, with costs and profits per tonne. 

When working with varying waste types, this provides the business a new edge on estimating and increasing the profitability. The TANA ProTrack® concept is pushing this boundary even further by delivering real time information of the whole process. Read more about TANA Shark Intelligence.


TANA Shark Waste Shredder Models

TANA Shark on tracks

industrial solid waste shredder with screen, track-drive model
  • TANA Shark 220DT
  • TANA Shark 220DTeco (Tier 4 Final)
  • TANA Shark 440DT
  • TANA Shark 440DTeco (Tier 4 Final)


TANA Shark semi-trailer

industrial solid waste shredder with screen, trailer model

  • TANA Shark 220D
  • TANA Shark 220Deco (Tier 4 Final)
  • TANA Shark 440D
  • TANA Shark 440Deco (Tier 4 Final)
  • TANA Shark 440EM (electric)


TANA Shark electric (stationary)

industrial solid waste shredder with screen, stationary electric model

  • TANA Shark 440E


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