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Shredding Waste Wood

Certain types of waste wood such as railway sleepers require an efficient shredder with a tolerance for metal nails, bolts and bars, which normally can harm or even damage especially high speed shredders. As a very robust slow-speed shredder, TANA Shark is at its’ best in the field of wood waste when shredding contaminated waste wood.

Customer Success Story:
Less fines improves productivity in waste wood shredding

Our customer in France had true problems with the dust forming at the shredding of waste wood with their two Doppstadts. Even 20 % of the total output was fine wood dust which does not have any value. Read how TANA Shark solved the problem.

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Key points of an efficient waste wood shredding

TANA Shark shredding Waste Wood

Dry and clean waste wood like pallets is and easy material to break. You do not need a lot of torque for crushing it. Many shredders tend to make a high capacity of end product including long sticks and the like in it. Because of this the material has to be screened and the oversized shredded for a second time. But TANA Shark produces highly homogeneous particles with the adjustable rotor screen. 

If a more coarse particle size is wanted, the rotor screen can be removed and the amount of counter knives can be adjusted in just minutes. With the highest level of customization and control over the shredding process, this provides a new edge for processing different types of waste wood.

TANA Control System

Picture: TANA Control System (TCS) monitors and controls the machine functions. There are 12 pre-programmed operating programs for different types of materials and purposes of shredding. Read more about the intelligence of TANA Shark.


Minimizing dust increases the output quality

Wood dust is an unwanted by-product of shredding. Minimizing dust problems on waste wood shredding can be done in a couple of ways.

First step: use a slow-speed waste shredder like TANA Shark with cutting rotor knives.

Second step: remove the need to process wood multiple times. High level of customization options provided by the TANA Shark, enable the processing of waste wood into any particle size from 50 to 500mm (2” to 20”).

Waste Wood Homogeneity with TANA Shark

Picture: Processed waste wood is highly uniform when using the adjustable rotor screen. Secondary shredding is not needed, which saves both time and money.

What else would you like to shred?

End-of-Life Tyres, Waste Tyres

Tyre recycling and utilization possibilities of tyre shreds are growing in numbers, opening new business opportunities for recycling industry. Find out how you can use TANA Shark waste shredders to shred tyres even into a small particle sizes in just one pass.

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Green Waste

Composting requires a homogeneity that the TANA Shark slow-speed waste shredder can offer. Process green waste with minimal dust problem, a typical hazard occurring when using a medium to high-speed shredder.

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