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Sales & ServiceDealer of the Year awards

Tana's Dealer of the Year awards

Tana's worldwide distributor network consists of true professionals who serve their markets with profund commitment and knowledge. We are proud to support them at our best with back office services and continuous training for mutual benefit.

Each year Tana hosts a Dealer meeting which brings together the majority of our distributors for a weekend of sharing experiences, best practises, product training and the always awaited nomination as Tana Dealer of the Year.

2016 TANA North America, North America

Doty 2017 600
Randy Holloway, TANA North America

Tana Distributor of the Year has been awarded to

2016 TANA North America, NA

2015 GCM Enviro Pty Ltd, Australia

2014 Warwick Ward (machinery) Ltd, UK

2013 Warwick Ward (machinery) Ltd, UK

2012 GCM Enviro Pty Ltd, Australia

2011 Helesi Plc, Greece

2010 HS Tekniikka Oy, Finland

2009 GCM Enviro Pty Ltd, Australia

2008 ---

2007 Biometsa S.L., Spain

2006 GCM Enviro Pty Ltd, Australia

2005 Profi-Bagger Kft, Hungary

Special nominations

2016 Excellence in Service, Andris Musperts of TANA Baltics, Latvia

2016 Excellence in Sales, Daniel Kastowsky of GCM Enviro Ply Ltd, Australia

2016 Excellence in Dealer Support, Anniina Rasmus of Tana Oy, Finland

2016 Special Nomination, SMART Equipment, Belgium

2013 Mr. Chris Prior of Warwick Ward (machinery) Ltd, UK

2012 Mr. Aarne Priks of Avelin Oû, Estonia